Brief portrait

Lanee’s Residenz  |  BRIEF PORTRAIT

Lanee and Hans-Jörg Jäger

As previously mentioned, Lanee and Hans-Jörg Jäger are a Thai-Swiss married couple. She, Lanee is the name giver and front woman of Lanee’s Residenz. Hans-Jörg stands more behind the scenses and supports his wife with advice and practical assistance. Together they form a strong team with the aim to provide a wonderful home to all permanent residents as well as to all guest in Lannee’s Residenz and to make them feel „at home“.

Lanee Jäger

  • Lived 20 years in Switzerland and worked for 16 years as histology laboratory assistant in the Aarau Cantonal Hospital.
  • Completed a special training program in Thai Law and is able to render competent assistance and provide information in legal issues. (In the majority of situations this avoids the need for expensive, external consultants.)
  • Speaks Thai, English and German
Both   prepared  themselves  intensively  for their  wide  range  of  tasks  and  the  mana-gement of Lanee’s Residenz.

Hans-Jörg Jäger

  • Originally completed a toolmaker apprenticeship.
  • Worked for many years as area representative in the environmental technlogolgy as well as in related industries.
  • Worked for many years in adult education of the Canton of Aargau.
  • Completed many classes, especially in the support of elderly people.
  • Speaks German, English and Thai

In the meantime both aquired a lot of additional comprehensive expertise and diverse experience. Both integrate equally in their everyday’s work and help them to provide a sense of security and the «at home» feeling to all residents and guests in Lanee’s Residenz.