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Evening mood at the little lake with the bungalows

All 13 bungalows are situated around a small man-made lake. From the living room and the porch you have a nice view over the lake. The entrance is located at the rear. The bungalows are also accessible from the lake following footpath over the porch.

An overview of the most important
  • Site area 220m2
  • Bungalow area 64m2
  • Covered porch area 16m2
  • 3 rooms Living room, bedroom, smaller room, small kitchen, wet cell with washbasin, shower and toilet (the smaller room can be used as an additional bedroom, as office or as storage room)
  • Basic furnishing
  • Power supply 220V, 50Hz
  • Socket types A+B modified; do function also with two-pole Swiss- and Europlug (with grounding an adapter is needed)
  • Air conditioner (in the bedroom)
  • Television (with HDMI port)
  • Garden (can be used individually)
  • A footpath leads along the small lake to the bungalows
  • A slightly wider path on the back leads to the bungalows as well (Thus a car or a ambulance vehicle can drive to the entrance of each bungalow)

  • The area datas may slightly deviate
  • Private internet connection can be ordered and installed at one’s own expense (monthly fees incur for it)
  • With a long-term lease agreement it is possible at one’s own costs and after consultation with the ownership however, without mandatory compensation at removal:
    • to lay out the garden
    • to modifay the bungalow
    • to install a satellite dish