Guiding principles

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Guiding principles

What we are

  • Lanee’s Residenz is a residential, recreational and vacation residence situated in a rural area in the northeast of Thailand where mainly German speakting sprightly senior citizens, that is to say the 60plus generation as well as dementia affected people are living and residing together. The privacy is ensured by the single or double occupancy with the spouse or life partner of the Bungalows and hotel rooms.

Who we are

  • Lanee’s Residenz sees itself as a real and cost-effective alternative and reliable partner in the area of living and residing as well as of support and care at an advanced age.

How we decide

  • We are market oriented and use our resources economically, ecologically and future-oriented.

How we communicate

  • We treat all our residents and guests respectful and helpful. We acknowledge their self-determination, their individual needs and their formative and past stages in their life.

How we support

  • With the daily routine of our residents and guests we acommodate to our and their possibilities and help to shape their everyday life where this is whished or where it is required.

What we regard as important

  • Living, in particular living together and working are significantly influenced by respect, appreciation, confidence, self-responsability but also by humour.

How we challenge and promote

  • We treat our staff with respect and offer them a fair and performance-based salary and a good working environment. With occupational education and continuing education they are beeing promoted according to their capabilities.

What are our objectives

  • We work objective and future oriented. Our range of services are aimed to enable elderly people this, ever so often, with strain and difficulties burdened stage of life in an affordable environment and as comfortable as possible.

Lanee’s Residenz, Thailand, 2011