Lanee’s Residenz  |  INFRASTRUCTURE

Village-like character

During the planning stage of the resort of Lanee’s Residenz, special attention was given that it fits harmoniously into the rural area. The resort should be given the character of a little village. That way 13 bungalows, the house of Lanee and Hans-Jörg Jäger, a small hotel, a restaurant with tropical garden, some smaller buildings for service and maintenance, a swimming pool, a boccia alley and a fitness room form the small village.

Around the small lake runs a footpath which gives direct access to the bungalows over the porch. On the back of the bungalows a slightly wider path was built. The entrances to the bungalows are located on this side too. The path can be used by road vehicles (e.g. ambulance vehicle) but is very seldom used.

Also very important was to build the whole resort handicapped accessible. Only with the small hotel this could not yet be achieved since it is two-storied.

The whole resort is planted with a lot of various kinds of trees and smaller palm trees, bushes and flowers. By now many trees provide the highly appreciated shade during the summertime.

By the generous distance between the bungalows the privacy of the residents is maintained appropriately.

Lanee’s Residenz has its own water treatment system. Also the wastewater is drained professionally. The meteoric water is drained into the the lake and this is beeing aerated with oxygen.

The whole resort is electrified. Mobile telephone signal can be received and internet connection over a hotspot is ensured.