Living and housing for senior citizens and 60plus generation


Living and housing for senior citizens and 60plus generation

A new «home» at Lanee’s Residenz – Only desire and dream or necessity?

In the German speaking parts of Europe and especially in Switzerland life keeps getting more expensive. Due to the already for many years ongoing difficult interest-rate situation as well as the demographic development the pension funds are decreasing. And only the *OASI retirement pension is not sufficient to lead an independent life. (OASI: Old-age and survivors’ insurance; corresponding to the Swiss AHV: Alters- und Hinterlassenen Versicherung) Insurances, particularly the healt insurance premiums as well as the rentals for housing or the costs of retirement and nursing homes will exceed the future retirement pensions. The fall back to the social welfare office, claiming for supplementary benefits, becomes inevitable for many people.

And nevertheless, you desire an affordable and a family environment for the second half of your life. Not living the high life but, also with a small budget, beeing able to live and reside happily and in a carefree manner. As a single person or together with your spouse or life partner.

In that case Lanee’s Residenz is a real alternative for you

In Lanee’s Residenz seniors can not only live but also enjoy their desires and dreams. The resort has the character of a small village. All 13 bungalows are situated around a small man-made lake. A hotel for our guests as well as a restaurant are located in the resort as well. Right next of them is a swimming pool with sun deck for our residents and guests available. A boccia alley, a fitness room, a library and other premises for leisure time and hobbies complete the facility.


Here it is up to you to determine the daily routine and your activities. Only the mealtimes in the restaurant are specified for understandable reasons. This is the place where all residents and guests meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Knowing that not everybody sleeps equally long, the breakfast times are flexible. Of course with prior notice you may withdraw sometimes from the meals.

The housing and living in Lanee’s Residenz provides several advantages. The loneliness in the senior age is very quickly no longer an issue. With our common activities and your personal initiative you will rapidly feel „at home“ here. Within the community in which however, you are your own caretaker – in your own bungalow.

〉The whole resort of Lanee’s Residenz, including the bungalows is wheelchair accessible
〉All bungalows are accessible by car or ambulance vehicle