Support and care teams

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Support and care teams

As mentioned aerlier, each dementia affected resident in Lanee’s  Residenz  is  attended  by  a  support  and  care team, responsable for him only.

The support and care staff is being recruited from the surrounding villages.
The staff is being carefully trained for their tasks in Lanee’s Residenz. Moreover, each team is being prepared very specifically to the individual needs of the assigned and to be supported resident.

In this way, step by step, a relationship of trust is built and he considers the team as his family. Soon afterwards the very important feeling of „being home“ sets in for him.

Additionally to that each team member must attend a course in immediate and emergency relief aid. This additional training was developed by the head nurse of the district hospital together with Lanee.

Speech and communication

Experience shows, that the communication by speech declines rapidly and loses its importance among dementia affected people. Gestures, facial expression and respectful touches by the care staff are soon becoming more important. Just in case, Lanee and Hans-Jörg are always available if occasionally a desire, an advice or perhaps an instruction has to be translated.

On the other hand it may be an advantage for the care staff if they do not understand and have to cope with infringing statements as they are now and then expressed by dementia affected people. The morosoness generally subsides quickly and the staff can rapidly return to their main task, namely to concentrate on the well-being of the person they support and care.

Nevertheless, Lanee and Hans-Jörg work on teaching the support and care staff important words and sentences in German, in order to make a minimal communication gradually possible.