Long-term support and care for dementia affected people


Long-term support and care for dementia affected people

In Lanee’s Residenz with its 13 bungalows, only 3 km away from the district hospital, people who are affected by dementia are supported and cared.

In Lanee’s Residenz all dementia affected people will be assigned to their own support and care team. By doing this the dementia affected person becomes quite quickly familiarized with the people of the support and care team. Thereby they really feel like beeing home soon after the relocation to Lanee’s Residenz.

The advantages of Lanee’s Residenz in the support and care of dementia affected people are very diverse. Here is a list of some of them:

Due  to  the  increasing  demand  the  support  and  care division  will  be  expanded. This  means  the already im-pressive family will become an extended family.

In case a dementia affected person depends on additional assistance, like e.g. special therapies, the availability of such therapist will be verified. Possibly necessary further equipment, like e.g. walking aids or special devices for the wet cell area can be obtained in Thailand as well.

  • Lanee’s Residenz is under Swiss management.
  • Due to the lean administration and the short decision-making processes the whole range of services can be provided for a very good price/performance ratio.
  • Lanee’s Residenz was built as a small resort in a rural area. Harmful environmental influences are not known here. The volume of traffic is very little and has no negativ effect if once in a while quick action is requiered.
  • All bungalows are built around a small man-made lake. These as well as the distances between the bungalows provide privacy to all residents.
  • All bungalows are equipped with an alarm system and in case of need with an additional radio connection (24 hours, 7 days accessibility).
  • The whole resort of Lanee’s Residenz, including the bungalows is wheelchair accessible
  • The light saltwater of the swimming pool with sun deck, surrounded by comfortable seating groups and beach chairs invites to do adjusted water therapy, to swim or simply to relax.
  • No „sedation“ with medicines. In most of the cases this can be compensated with adjusted activities.
  • Each dementia affected person has his own personal support and care team. In other words, always the same familiar people around him.
  • Round-the-clock support and care (24 hours, 7 days).
  • Doctor appointments, upon requirement or request, take place at home in the bungalow or at the district hospital which is 3 km away.
  • Periodical doctor appointments or doctor visits take place monthly at least.
  • During doctor appointments and hospital stay the dementia affected person is always accompanied by one person of his personal support and care team and additionally by Lanee Jäger. Special emphasis on familiarity is placed in these cases as well.

Round-the-clock support and care

Round-the-clock support and care means to render all necessary and adjusted support and care services to the dementia affected person in a relaxing and respectful atmosphere.

A checklist helps all the members of a support and care team so that nothing is being forgotten but also to avoid duplications.

For each dementia affected person a daily file is kept, in which the general condition, abnomalities and changes as well as possible particular incidents are recorded.