Spend the winter, take a time-out or just enjoy vacations


Spend the winter, take a time-out or just enjoy vacations

One day in a different way. Far away from the famous Thai tourist destinations – in the Isaan. This is the name of the north-eastern territory of Thailand. The Isaan borders in the North and East with Laos and in the South with Cambodia.

About one third of the Thai population lives here. The territory as well equals to about one third of Thailand.

As mentionned earlier, in a different way. At Lanee’s Residenz you can really relax and build up new strength. No animation programs disturb your yearning for peace and recovery. Except for the mealtimes you are the one who determin the daily routine.

  • On the pathes you can stroll, walk or even jog.
  • The boccia alley invites to common but not too serious competitions.
  • In the swimming pool you just splash around or improve your fitness by swimming your length.
  • In the fitness room you improve your mobility, endurance and power.
  • The seating groups and beach chairs on the sun deck around the swimming pool invite you to chat and to stay or simply to enjoy a sunbath, to read, to listen to music and to relax.
  • In the restaurant are beverages in self-service at your disposal .
  • Once in a while a massage relieves tensions and just feels good.

Many guests rave about the small hotel in Lanne’s Residenz, about the good à la carte meals or the deversity of the set menus for the residents. The preparation of vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose- free meals is a matter of course. In any case the friendly service staff and the tropical restaurant garden invite to have an aperitif before eating as well as to enjoy a digestive after eating and to linger.

Free from all compulsions

At Lanee’s Residenz you are the one who determin the daily routine and your activities. The proverbial relaxed attitude in Thailand will quickly let you forget the habitual standards. What counts are good mood, respect and kindness.

  • A pleasant walk in the village with the name „Na Phaeng“ tells you how the rural population of Thailand resides and lives.
  • Far from any tourist destinations you will see and experience unforgettable things.
  • Explore the immediate surroundings with the bisycle or a rental moped.
  • Experience very close the making of Thai silk and silk fabrics.
  • Take part in one of our many common excursions.

Simply announce the desired dates for your time-out or your vacation. Should there be no vacancy either for bungalows nor for rooms in the hotel, maybe an alternativ date can be found.

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